Web developer, lifelong learner.

My portfolio

These are some of the projects I'm most proud of. The rest of my projects can be found on my github or my codepen.

Academy Projects

Projects I completed while attending Academy Pittsburgh.

ReplayFX iOS/Android App

React Native App for ReplayFX Conference.

JS Calculator

Simple JS calculator.

Conway's Game of Life

Made with Ruby.

Trello Mock

Trello mock made with ASP.NET.

Roman Numeral Converter

Made with JS.

Buzzfeed Quiz Maker

Using C# and SQL.

Side Projects

Projects I've done in my spare time.

Wikipedia Viewer

jQuery, Wikipedia API.

Weather App

OpenWeatherMap API and JS.

Random Quote Generator

Made with JS.

PublicSource Data Visualization

Made for a local news article.


Websites I've made for others

Music Portfolio

Portfolio for a talented musician.

Dog Walking Website

Website for a family member.

Artist Portfolio

Still in the works.


Animations I've made for fun!

Bouncing Flower

SVG and Illustrator.

Ghost & Spooky Pumpkin

Featured as a "Picked Pen" in 10/16

Dancing Candy Corn

Also featured as a "Picked Pen" in 10/16